In most classes, students are allowed the freedom to choose the type of notebooks, folders or school supplies they wish to use. We recommend the student to always be prepared with their school chromebook (Chromebooks will be distributed to freshmen and new students at open house on 8/7 and all others will receive chromebooks in the first days of school), charger, paper, pencils and/or pens. The following are specific requests from teachers for their classes. 

Ms. Delp – Tennis Shoes 

Ms. Disantis – Journal of any size or color (preferably not spiral bound). 

Ms. Parks – 3 Ring Binder - 1” or larger, 5 Tabbed Dividers, Loose Leaf Paper, Color Pencils , Colored Ink Pens 

Mr. Meyers – Small Notebook or Composition Book

Ms. L. Smith (Art) - Sketchbook, 2 Poster Boards 

Mrs. Duncan - (English 12)  3-ring binder (2-inch) (suggested),Tabbed dividers (suggested), Loose-leaf (college rule) paper (suggested), Blue/black pens and/or pencils for assignments, Highlighters (optional) ,Sticky Notes (optional)

(English 9 Honors) 3-ring binder (2-inch) (SUGGESTED), Tabbed dividers (SUGGESTED), Loose-leaf (college rule) paper (SUGGESTED), Pens and/or pencils, Highlighters (OPTIONAL), Post-It Notes (OPTIONAL)

(Photojournalism) 3-ring binder (½ -inch) (suggested), Loose-leaf paper (suggested), Pen or Pencil, Digital Camera (optional), Flash Drive (optional)