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Dear Students,

We wanted to let you know that almost all course subjects are now available online.  If a folder for one of your classes is not available, then it will be added soon.

You can access this link by going to the Washington County website and clicking on the K-12 Educational Resources link.   After logging in to this site, you will have access to various lessons for each subject.  We are asking each of you to complete the assignments based on your individual schedule.  The expectation is for each student to work on a daily assignment for each subject.  If you do not have access to the resources online, please contact the main office at 276-739-3700 to make arrangements to get a hard copy of these items.

The lessons will provide a review of course objectives and provide for continued learning opportunities.  We appreciate your patience while our staff has worked together to provide this opportunity for you.

All students enrolled in Dual Enrollment, AP, Governor's School, and other online courses will continue as normal.  

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Don Blackburn


We believe successful schools:
  • Provide safe, healthy, and dynamic learning environments.
  • Employ and retain highly qualified staff.
  • Have well-defined curriculum and programs that are aligned with state and national standards.
  • Involve all stakeholders as partners.
  • Respect all.
  • Are accountable.
  • Align budgets with priorities.
  • Result from effective communication from and to every level.
  • Engage and communicate with families.
  • Provide opportunities for participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
We believe effective instruction:
  • Is research-based.
  • Assumes all children can learn.
  • Meets the unique needs of each child.
  • Prepares students for success.
  • Educates the whole child.
  • Elicits high performance consistent with abilities.


Patrick Henry High School will provide a safe, supportive and engaging learning environment, where strong relationships enable our staff to set high, yet personalized, expectations for all students. By collaborating with all stakeholders, Patrick Henry High School will offer a diverse array of educational experiences that will provide all students the opportunity to acquire the skills they will need after graduation. By nurturing our students’ social, physical and intellectual growth, our mission is to encourage our students to become responsible citizens, lifelong learners, and leaders in the global community.


Patrick Henry High School will provide a high quality education that prepares students to be responsible citizens whether they choose post-secondary education or employment after graduation. We are committed to empowering our students by inspiring them to think critically, collaborate and communicate effectively with others, create in an innovative manner, solve problems efficiently, and incorporate useful technology to enrich their lives.

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