Washington County Community Scholars, Early College Scholars (Dual Enrollment) Programs, etc.

Washington County Community Scholars

What is Community Service?

~ a service you do for someone or an organization that benefits them or others that you do not receive payment or personal compensation.

Who? WCCS are high school students who enroll in a curriculum of specified academic and/or vocational courses, who demonstrate a high level of citizenship and community service, who maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5, and who have an excellent attendance record.  These skills and attributes are highly desired in both higher education and the job market.

What? WCCS is a program sponsored by Washington County Public Schools whose goal is to produce highly qualified graduates who value the importance of citizenship and service to community.

When? WCCS are identified and recognized annually during their high school careers. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are recognized in the fall, while seniors are recognized in the spring and also during graduation exercises.

Why? Students choose to be WCCS because they are assured that their high school education will enable them to compete for a meaningful job or enroll in a college or university.

How? Interested students should see their counselor in order to plan a program of studies which includes the core courses required for WCCS recognition.  A student may qualify while completing requirements for either the Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma

Service is a core component of the WCCS program. At least twenty hours of documented community service is required however, document all your hours. You must participate your senior year and at least 2 other years (freshmen, sophomore, or junior) to complete the program and qualify for the Virginia Highlands Community College AIMS scholarship.

See Mrs. Baker for further questions, or contact her at 276-739-3707 /email at cbaker@wcs.k12.va.us