New or Returning Student Enrollment Requirements

HB-2382: Class 4 Misdemeanor for any person to knowingly make a false statement concerning the residency of a child in a particular school division or school attendance zone for the purposes of avoiding tuition charges or enrollment in a school outside the attendance zone in which the student resides.

It is the parent or legal guardian’s responsibility to provide ALL required paperwork and documents prior to enrollment, we will be glad to request records from the previous school, but this may delay enrollment until they are received.

Parent/legal guardian and student(s) are required to meet with the Principal or Assistant Principal prior to enrollment.

Student(s) and parent or legal guardian must be present at time of enrollment. The student must attend the day they are enrolled. Early morning enrollment is encouraged to help avoid enrollment delays, enrollment is not done after 10:00 a.m. in most cases. The Student must live with a parent or legal guardian who resides in the Washington County, Virginia District within the Patrick Henry High School Zone.

Proof of residency must be provided, such as mail (utility bill, mortgage statement, lease agreement) with your 911 address that shows the parent or legal guardian resides in the Washington County, Virginia District within the Patrick Henry High School Zone. Students outside of the school zone must obtain written permission from the Central Office to attend before enrollment.

Proof that the person enrolling the student is the legal parent or legal guardian must be provided. This includes a copy of the student's birth certificate, legal paperwork resulting from a divorce or change of custody/guardianship, power of attorney or temporary guardianship. Grandparent/Aunt/Uncle. Etc. that does not have legal custody must obtain temporary guardianship of the student(s), these forms are provided in the Guidance Office and must be notarized and provided before enrollment.

A copy of the student’s social security number must be provided if a US citizen. If the student is not a US citizen then the appropriate paperwork must be provided.

A copy of the students most recent immunization records including Hepatitis B and Varicella must be provided at enrollment. A conditional enrollment will be offered until the immunization requirements are met.

If the student has qualified for the Special Education program, a current psychological and IEP must be provided at time of enrollment to insure that the most accurate school and plan is in place to serve the student. You can obtain these from the student’s previous school prior to the day of registration. If you do not have these documents, enrollment and/or scheduling may be delayed until they are obtained.

A copy of transfer grades (numerical when available), current official transcript, current schedule of classes, standardized test scores, SOL test scores, attendance, discipline, state testing number, and other pertinent information from the previous school must be provided. This is strongly encouraged for out of state, private and foreign transfers.

PHHS is on a modified block schedule and will make every effort to accommodate your needs, however, it is possible that credits or classes may be lost in this transition.


Enrollment Packet Forms – Must be completed for every new or returning student.

Additional Enrollment Forms – These may also be required with the enrollment packet.