2022 Senior Graduation Order Form and Information

Hello from Balfour!
We are excited to offer your Senior students and parents a One Stop Shopping Program online for all their Grad gear and Graduation Required Items!  All is set up for you at BALFOUR.COM. Once you are on the website,  all you have to do is select -SHOP MY SCHOOL.  Make sure everyone knows to type in the STATE with your school name since many schools have the same name.  You scroll to GRAD PACKS/CAP AND GOWNS and there are 4 GRAD PACK options with the largest pack offering a FREE Cap and Gown!  If someone only wants what is required,  they click the last section with individual items and fill out their information.  The Cap/Gown/Tassel selection WILL include ALL required items.  These REQUIRED ITEMS have no shipping fee as they will be delivered to the school in spring.  ALL ORDERS MUST BE IN BY 12/1.
Our double sided order form is also attached for written orders for any student and parent who does not wish to order online. 
For questions contact Mrs. Boothe (suzannet@wcs.k12.va.us)