Release of New Educational Material

As of last week when Governor Northam announced that schools would be closed for the remainder of the year, he also announced that “school” will continue in order to prepare you for the next level in your educational journey.  For some, that next level may be preparing for college, it may be preparing for work, it may be preparing to advance from 10th grade to 11th grade, or it may be preparing to advance from English 9 to English 10.  It is important for you to continue to learn and grow so that you will be prepared for what is to come. 
On Monday, April 6th, teachers and students will be expected to shift from doing the review work in the Google packets to teaching and learning NEW material online.  Instruction and assignments will come from each of your individual teachers. These opportunities for student learning will primarily come through Google Classroom, but might also include the use of other technology, such as Zoom video meetings.  Utilizing these instructional methods, your teachers will use a wide range of resources to provide videos, lectures, and assignments to provide instruction.  Remember, the goal will be to make sure that you have the essential knowledge necessary to move forward to next year and to the next subject in each individual class you are taking. 
To access the Google Classroom account, you will need the code for that classroom.  If you do not have this code, you will need to contact your teacher so that they can give you that information.   
Teachers will also provide “office hours” that you can chat with them to get individual help and ask questions.  Those “hours” will be posted as well. 
Most of you have a cell phone and most of the work could be accessed using your phone. If you have that capability, some of your assignments could be adapted using your cell phone. But, just like our current resources, if you do not have access to online materials, please contact your teacher and the main office at 276-739-3700 and we will print those for you to be picked up at PHHS.
Until your teachers have contacted you or until April 6, please continue to work on the review assignments as posted at the WCS website that are labeled K-12 Educational Resources. Your teachers will provide you with instructions on how and when to submit that work prior to shifting to the new, online instruction.
Please do your work daily.  It is for a "grade" and it will not go don't ignore it!  We would not provide you with more "work" than you can handle during this difficult time. If you have questions or concerns, you all know that you can contact me via email. 
We will honor our scheduled Spring Break, April 9,10 and 13. During this time period, you are not required to have class and our teachers will not have "Office Hours".
Also, as you know and understand, our prom and graduation will be, at this time, pushed back a few weeks. Our county is doing what they can to ensure the possibility of having both. I will keep you informed of changes as they occur with prom and graduation.
We miss seeing you in the building and we hope that you are all staying safe during this time. Take care and do your part to social distance, stay at home and wash your hands frequently!  

Don Blackburn
Patrick Henry High School