Ancient World History (I) - Grade: 9–10                           

Prerequisite: None. World History is a survey of the early development of world cultures. Students will understand the development of world civilizations from the prehistory era to 1500 A. D. Emphasis is placed on Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Asian cultural and geo-political contributions. Students will acquire an appreciation of the world's major religions. This course is an excellent precursor for Modern World History.

Modern World History (II) - Grade: 9-10                         

Prerequisite: None. The course examines the history and culture of the world from 1500 A.D. - present. Students will recognize contributions made during major time periods that include the Industrial Revolution, the Renaissance and Reformation, and major military revolutions.

AP and VHCC VA U. S. History ­ Grade: 11–12                 

Prerequisites: The student must have an A or B and completed these courses Ancient World History, or Modern World History and/or a teacher recommendation. This course is designed to provide students with the analytic skills and factual knowledge necessary for dealing critically with United States history. The class prepares students for intermediate and advanced college courses by making demands upon them equivalent to those made by full-year introductory college courses.

Virginia and U. S. History ­ Grade: 11 

Prerequisite: World Geography or World History. This course studies the development of the United States and its interplay with the nations of the world and includes a study of the state of Virginia with emphasis on the cultural and political contributions to the nation.

Virginia and U. S. Government ­ Grade: 12                    

Prerequisite: U. S. History. Course is designed to acquaint the student with a firm understanding of the structure and functions of state, local, and national government. The course also traces the development of government in the U. S. and the world and exposes the student to contemporary political thought and practice.

AP Virginia and U. S. Government ­ Grade: 12                      

Prerequisite: The student must have received an A or B in US History or AP US History and/or must have a teacher recommendation. This course will cover the same subject content as regular Virginia and U. S. Government emphasizing a more in-depth approach to the material. The course will require more reading, writing, and oral participation than the regular class. The class is designed for the academic student who is willing to be challenged beyond the work of a regular U.S. Government class.