Stregnth & Conditioning - Grade: 10 12                              

Prerequisite: A/B Average in 9th and 10th grade PE. Male and Female Athletes

This class is designed to improve flexibility, agility, conditioning and strength. The athletes will be given a pretest and will be tested throughout the year 6 times. Each student will be taught the proper technique of running, strength training and safety measures while lifting. The students will also be taught the importance of nutrition and how it applies to athletic performance.

Year 1 Strength & Conditioning I

Year 2 Strength & Conditioning II

Year 3 Strength & Conditioning III

Health and Physical Education 10 - Grade: 10                         

Prerequisite: Must complete PE 9 with passing grade and State required physical education/health/drivers education. The PE program is designed to develop, maintain, and appreciate physical fitness. Classroom subject matter for Driver Ed. is based on an analysis of the tasks an individual must perform when operating a motor vehicle.

Health and Physical Education 9 - Grade: 9                                             

Prerequisite: State required physical education and health. The Physical Education program is designed to develop, maintain, and appreciate physical fitness.


The 9th and 10th Grade Physical Education physical education classes are expected to be active participants during class each day. This includes being properly attired. There is a daily routine of warm-up, jogging, stretching, exercise, and cool-down. The semester activities include Virginia Wellness Standards, health fair, lifelong activities, weight training, individual and team sports, and aerobics. Safety is of utmost importance in each and every activity.

Students will demonstrate proficiency in all areas of fitness. They will demonstrate basic knowledge of various individual and team sports. Students will understand the importance of daily physical activity to enhance their physical well-being as they age. Students will comprehend the importance of safety as the focus of every activity, e.g., methods of weight training

Methods of evaluation are determined by the accumulation of daily participation, proper attire, written tests, and sportsmanship