Algebra I Grade: 9 12                         

Prerequisites: Student must pass the eight-grade math with a B or better average.

Course Description for Algebra 1
Students in Algebra 1 are expected to achieve the objectives of the SOL’s of Virginia.  In the course, students make connections among arithmetic, geometry, and probability and statistics.  Connections are also made to the other subject areas through practical applications.  Students come to attach meaning to the abstract concepts of Algebra.  Students are required to use Algebra as a tool for representing and solving a variety of practical problems.  Tables and graphs are used to interpret algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities and to analyze functions.  Students use calculators to assist in problem solving.  In the course, students are encouraged to discuss mathematics, use the language and symbols of mathematics to communicate, discuss problems and problem solving, and develop confidence in mathematics. 
The topics covered in Algebra 1 are: