Appalachian History - Grade 9-12  

Description: This course addresses the history of the Appalachian region (from Pre‐Columbian period through the early 21st century) with a focus on southern Appalachia. Emphasis will be placed on such skills as historical research, use of primary documents, oral history, archival work, and preservation.

Psychology - Grade 9-12

Description: In this course students will study the history of psychology through the various methods and approaches of psychologists. They will learn how the human anatomy affects the different emotions, actions, behaviors, intellect, personality, and social well-being. Students will also be taught the different treatments and modifications used to alter and adjust the different emotions, behaviors, and inadequacies of individuals.

Speech Fudamentals (Drama)- 2 Seperate Classes Speech/Forensics & Drama - Grade: 9-12           

Drama class focuses on student participation in a variety of speaking and acting exercises.  Participation in the One Act competition is required.  Students will also study the history of drama as well as the different aspects of play production. 

Forensics prepares students for public speaking in a variety of ways.  Students will prepare impromptu speeches as well as more formal speeches in class for grades.  Course work will include textbook information on different purposes for speeches and tips on  preparing speeches.  Students will work in groups as well as alone for assignments.  The focus of the class will be to prepare selections for Virginia High School League Forensics Speech Competition where students compete in different categories of speech from extemporaneous to poetry and story telling and more.

Photo Journalism (Yearbook) - Grade: 11 – 12       

This is a class for students who are driven to complete projects within a stated deadline and who strive for excellence in their work.  Students begin the year-long class with a summer project, selling advertising to local businesses.  The beginning weeks of school, students plan the the yearbook from conception of a theme to completion; learn the basics of photo composition and editing; practice writing captions, headlines, and articles; and learn the basics of page design.  Once students are familiar with procedures, they are introduced to the online yearbook program and begin applying their knowledge of photography, writing, and design to producing the yearbook.

World Mythology - Grade: 9 – 12       

“Myths are those things that never were and always are.”

Students study the major myths of the Greeks and Romans, as presented by Edith Hamilton; develop visual literacy, or the ability to interpret the iconography of classical mythology in art; analyze myths according to the theories of a variety of ancient and modern thinkers; and, most importantly, develop an appreciation of the importance of symbols in the intellectual and spiritual life of human beings.

20th Century History - Grade: 11 – 12       

This course is a survey of the 20th Century United States, beginning from the year 1900 to the present. In it, we will explore the events, peoples, groups, ideas, institutions, and trends of the last century that have shaped today's world. This course reflects the multiple perspectives of gender, class, religion, and ethnic groups. In this course we will also focus on developing, practicing, and strengthening the skills historians use while constructing knowledge in this discipline. Which will include research and presentations to the class. Test will be in almost all essay formats.