Art I - Grade: 9 12                              

Prerequisite: None. Art I introduces students to the elements of art and the principles of design. This course includes art history, aesthetics, art criticism and studio production. Students will work in drawing from life, painting with tempera and watercolor, clay, sculpture, printmaking, papermaking, and bookbinding.

Art II - Grade: 10 12                            

Prerequisite: Art 1. The student will learn to analyze any work of art terms of the elements of art and principles of design. Students will study art history with emphasis on selected artists. Covered will be drawing, painting, sculpture, 'ceramics, printmaking, and bookbinding. Student must have average of "C" or better on Art 1.

Art III - Grade: 11 12                              

Prerequisite: Art II. Courses emphasize individual style, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism continues. Student must have average of "C" or better in Art II.

Art IV - Grade: 12                                   

Prerequisite: Art III. Courses emphasize individual style, art history aesthetics, and art criticism continues. Student must have average of "C" or better in Art II.

*Mixed classes will not be encouraged, you should take the appropriate level when it is offered or test into the next level.  


Band - Grade: 9 – 12    

5th period band encompasses both Marching Band and Wind Ensemble and is open to all students grades 9-12, with prior instrumental experience (band instruments only).  Students must have completed Band 6, Band 7, and Band 8 in order to enroll in this course.  This is a performance-based course, thereby attendance at after-school rehearsals, football games, competitions, parades, concerts, and other community functions are a necessary and required part of the course.  These ensembles will cover the skills outlined in the Virginia Instrumental Music SOL's at the Intermediate, Advanced and Artist Levels.  The wind ensemble performs literature at the VBODA Grade III-VI levels.  Please contact Mr. Marcum or consult the band handbook for a more detailed analysis of the PHHS Band Program.

Year 1 - Beginning Band

Year 2 - Intermediate Band

Year 3 - Advanced Band

Year 4 - Artist Band

VHCC Music Appreciation (Dual Enrollment) - Grade: 11-12  

Music Appreciation is open to any student grades 9-12.  Prior music experience is not necessary.  This course offers a broad overview of the history of music in America.  Beginning with the earliest musical sounds of the Native Americans and moving through the popular music explosion of the late 20th century, we will explore the social and cultural factors which contribute to music's ever-evolving landscape.  This course involves a great deal of independent reading & music listening.  Students should have a home internet connection and a Spotify account (strongly encouraged) to explore the multitude of listening examples and online textbook content.

Music Theory - Grade: 9–12                                 

Band Ensemble - Grade:9–12                                  

Prerequisite:  Prior instrumental training.
This course, previously listed as percussion ensemble, has now been made available to wind instrument players as well as percussionists.  The goal of the course is to advance individual musicianship through extensive work in advanced techniques.  The small ensemble setting will allow more time for detailed instruction than a large band class can offer.  There will be opportunities in class for individual instruction and practice as well.

Chorus - Grade: 9 12                               

Prerequisite: None. Students will learn vocal technique, music literacy, and choral performance techniques. Some extra-curricular rehearsal and performance time is required.

Year 1 - Beginning Chorus

Year 2 - Intermediate Chorus

Year 3 - Advanced Chorus

Year 4 - Artist Chorus

Jazz Choir - Grade: 10 12                             

Prerequisite: Audition required. This is a highly selective performance group/ and the course covers music of a very challenging degree of difficulty, designed only for the very dedicated music student.